Lucky, Kitty With Chemical Burns, Begins to Heal

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Lucky, more than a week ago, before the healing process began to show its effects.


Homeless Animals Rescue Team (HART) volunteer Bettina Markowitz sent us Lucky’s story on April 19.  HART is a rescue group located in Fairfax Station, VA.

You can read the full story in our post from April 19, Burned Kitty Lucky Gets Help.

Late Friday April 12th, a HART volunteer received a horrific picture with no explanation from a friend who is a vet tech at a Virginia vet clinic. The picture was of a cat brought in by animal control after reportedly being hit by a car. The truth about his injuries would prove to be more horrific.

It soon became clear that this poor cat had been doused with acid and suffered second degree burns – at the hands of a human. His shoulders neck and the back of his head were raw and riddled with blisters. The acid had even crept into the corner of one eyelid. Most injured animals, when in that much pain, lash out at those trying to help. They can’t help it, it’s just nature’s defense mechanism for them. Not this guy. He was purring and kneading the towel the whole time his wounds were being cleaned.

HART immediately sprang to action trying to rescue the injured cat. The shelter agreed to let him be pulled, but made the rescue group wait the requisite 5 days for a possible owner to come forward. HART found it difficult to wait, especially since he had no medication for his pain and no antibiotics or creams to treat his skin for those 5 days.

Lucky came into HART’s care on April 19 and has been getting both love and medical attention since then. The group has made updates about Lucky at their Facebook page, and the newly created Lucky – A Survivor Kitty Facebook page, which is devoted to him.

After his release from the Stafford shelter on April 19, having spent five days there with no medical or palliative treatment, Lucky was taken directly to one of HART’s best veterinarians, where he received an initial exam and blood draw. The bloodwork showed severe anemia, but he is an otherwise healthy boy.

Lucky immediately went into  surgery. He was neutered, his wounds were thoroughly cleaned, he was treated for ear mites and an incision was made to release tension created by his wound that was pulling his eyelid sideways and backward, giving him an almond-eyed appearance.  The vet said he wanted to keep him at least a week to monitor his progress and to see if he’ll need another surgery to facilitate proper healing.

Update: April 22nd

Lucky purrs and seeks affection.  His neck looks more bare and raw then before because it has been cleaned and prepared for healing.


Update: April 23rd

Our veterinarian is very impressed with how well Lucky is doing. Lucky gets a warm, moist compress around his neck several times a day to help control the scabs and clean any debris. He has an incredible attitude and is eating very well. Lucky is currently on a three day pain medication injection and will be due for another shot tomorrow. The staff at Parkway Veterinary Clinic adore him. He is doing so well that he may be able to be released to his foster home sooner that expected.

Lucky is a lover and a fighter and he continues to capture the hearts of every person he meets.

Update: April 25th

One of the wonderful vets at the clinic said Lucky’s wounds are healing quickly, but are contracting in such way that his face and neck are getting distorted. Lucky will have to stay at the “spa” for an undetermined time in order to treat him with compresses and monitor the progress.

We expect to see some current photos of Lucky soon. You can check back at his Facebook page (link above) in the coming days.


HART is accepting donations for Lucky’s care. Those who wish to contribute can click here to donate to Lucky’s care at PayPal or visit the donation info page at the group’s website. The volunteers say thank you in advance to anyone who helps.

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