“Lucky” Kitten Trapped in Sewer Rescued by Homeless Shelter Resident

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“Lucky” was trapped down a narrow storm drain pipe for days, flea riddled and wet. Residents of the Crisis Ministry of Davidson County NC heard the 8 week old kitten’s cries coming from the storm drain near the shelter for 5 days and tried to help. They called local service agencies, they left out food, and they searched.

Finally, long and lean 20 year old resident Cole McCassland decided to venture down the drain to try to rescue the kitten. Fellow residents helped to remove a manhole cover from the drain and Cole went down aided by a flashlight. This is in stark contrast to some rescues we’ve seen, which employ the latest in high-tech cameras, lights and gear.

At first, Cole’s efforts resulted only in the kitten running further down the sewer pipe. The drain narrowed the further Cole and the kitten travelled, and in the cramped, dark space, Cole relied on the voice of one of his ground-level companions to guide him. Eventually, the kitten allowed Cole to approach him and pick him up. Cole told the Davidson County Dispatch that he figures the kitten knew he needed help, and that allowed him to overcome his fear of the stranger. He tells it this way: “I finally got to it and he was in about three to four inches of water and he just looked miserable. I held out my hand, it was cautious but it eventually licked my finger and after that it jumped right into me. I think he realized he needed to be rescued.”

The kitten has seen a vet and has been adopted by shelter employee Britnie Daugherty, Cole was asked to name the kitten, who is now called Lucky. Lucky comes to work with Britnie, where he gets attention from the friends who cared enough to work to save him.

For the full story, see the Dispatch’s  Shelter resident rescues kitten from sewer.

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  1. Great story. I love that the kitty got a home. Good job Mr. Cole as well as to the other people who helped Lucky out.

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