Loving Cat Daddy and His Sweet Family

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A look at a wonderful, loving cat family; Mama, Daddy and babies. Not all kitty-daddies are just love ’em and leave ’em types. This Daddy cherishes and cares for his little family.

Daddy and the kids.

Got about 10 minutes to soak in the tender loving care this mama and daddy cat lavish on the babies and one another?

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  1. I had a male cat like that once. Still have the pic somewhere, of him in the kitten box with mom and the babies…

  2. My daughter had a male cat who was neutered and when Missey had her litter he thought they were his and he would help look after them!He was such a lovely cat <3:

  3. A friend had (still has) a family like that. When the kids were young & tried to wander off the property, the daddy would go bat them back. One time he brought one of the kids to me, then left. What? Was I his babysitter? Still a great bunch!

  4. this is so lovely! tightly bonded couple and very loving Cat parents! love to see them more updates,hehe!

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