Love is the Answer

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We wrote about Whitney a while back, telling how she was found in an unkempt state with an injury from kittenhood, how she lost her babies, how she healed and how she is looking for a home. Now we’re writing to tell about Whitney and a cat’s need for love.

Whitney arrived at Hillside SPCA in Pottsville PA about four months ago, severely matted, pregnant and walking strangely from what turned out to be an old injury from kittenhood. Whitney was about 1 1/2 years old at the time.  Her injuries were determined to be to her hip and leg, and the orthopedic surgeon recommended leaving them as is instead of subjecting Whitney to major surgery, when she was able to get around well with things as they were.

Whitney was cleaned up and given the care she needed to become a healthy and happy cat, and she was put up for adoption but no one has come forward to give her a home. The facts that she is the less adoptable black and white color combo – she’s a pretty long haired tuxedo girl – and that she is differently abled, with her imperfect way of walking, make her less appealing to certain adopters but we figure those things would make her more attractive to another kind of adopter; the kind with the big soft heart for an animal who needs love and acceptance and has much love to give in return.

In recent weeks, Whitney, though treated and pain free, suffered a setback. She became very depressed to the point where the staff at Hillside thought they might lose her, showing the classic symptoms of lethargy and loss of appetite. Medical issues were ruled out so the shelter’s feline staff decided to try to heal her spirit with love and attention. They petted her, they held and nuzzled her, they spoke softly and gently to her. The treatment worked. After a few days of pampering and extra attention Whitney came out of her hopeless state and returned to normal. She is described as one of those cats with a good personality and plenty of “cattitude”.

Like so many other cats everywhere, what Whitney really needs now is a loving forever home and companionship. She is lucky to be at Hillside in the meanwhile.

Hillside SPCA is located in Pottsville PA, conveniently located near Allentown, Harrisburg,  and Lancaster, and not especially far from Philadelphia. We mention this in case any readers live nearby or have friends or family who do, and who may wish to visit or adopt from Hillside, a fine organization fulfilling a very important role in its home area.

We would love to hear some day that Whitney has found someone to shower her with the love she needs in a true forever home.

Our previous story is Whitney: From Injury and Homelessness to Hope and Healing.

22 thoughts on “Love is the Answer”

  1. The Animal Rescue League here in Des Moines, Ia has a summer program where cats who have been there a long time go to “summer camp” so to speak…..which means they go to a foster home for the summer just to get a break from the shelter. they are still up for adoption the entire time. perhaps the shelter where Whitney is living could look into starting a program like that. i’m sure they could contact the ARL for advice on this program.

  2. @Marilyn…statistically, it’s true. I volunteer in a shelter and the black cats and tuxedo cats go last. Other shelters I have communicated with all say the same thing. I don’t know why. I have a tuxedo cat and she is beautiful.

  3. i have a beautiful black & white tom cat and he is a dandy! quite the personality! he was a friendly skinny rough lookin stray that was living under a bush behind the neighborhood tavern. i named him Bar Cat =)

  4. She is stunning!! If I could have another kitty right now I would take her in a minute. She and my Annie (who has had 3 strokes) could hobble around sideways and goofy to their heart’s content!! Different means unique, not disabled 🙂

    In fact, if you change the black to ginger she looks exactly like Annie 🙂

  5. Hi! I watched your latest video on Crystal, after the loss of the babies. on YouTube some days ago. I don’t know if you’re aware of it but we did a story on Hamilton Animal Control, using your other two Crystal videos to illustrate the urgency and poignancy of the situation there. Thank you for caring so much. If there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know.

  6. I love Black and White kitties. In fact I went to my vet and there were kittens who were being fostered and one was a Black and White Tuxedo. The running joke at my house is the kitten that I was supposed to be fostering has to go back now. You see he has been ours for four years now! My whole family loves him and he is so cuddly and cool (what a combo). Good luck little girl there will be someone for you and you will be loved just liked our little Tux.

  7. I’d love to have you here in Germany! If it wasn’t for the distance, I’d come and take you with me straight away. You’re so beautiful and graceful. I’m sure you’ll find a happy and loving home soon. Send you all my love and luck. Hugs, Christine

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