“Love and Purrs:” Adopted Cat Sends Email to Shelter Pals

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It took almost three years for FIV+ Fred the shelter cat to find his forever home with his soulmate Lars. Realizing that Fred’s friends missed him and wanted to know how he was doing, Lars helped him write an email to the staff at the Purrfect Pals no-kill shelter in Arlington, Washington. Here are some of the highlights. You can read the email in its entirety at the Purrfect Pals online news outlet.

“Thanks for seeing me off on Saturday, sure enjoying my new digs. Such a long car ride, though, I got a little upset. Fortunately with the big carrier Susan gave us Lars was able to reach in through the top and rub my neck and reassure me. After 1/2 hour I was able to settle down and relax. He also brought Temptation treats for the ride… YUM! When we got home I systematically explored every square foot of my new house. So many places to explore! Lars showed me my little feeding station and put down quite a spread – two types of canned food, a dish of dry and also some salmon. I nibbled some wet food and chugged a lot of water I was so thirsty from meowing in the car.

Me and Lars hung out on the couch that night and I scored some serious petting. Ear rubs, chin rubs, scratching on top of my head, butt scratches and tummy rubs (my fave). Afterwards I was feeling so content I began making my little ‘trilling’ noises. Lars can make them too, and we did this little call and response thing on the couch for awhile. Such FUN!! I also have my own little comfort station on the couch with a pillow and blanket, I can see out the window from.

Thank you everyone for taking me on board and taking care of me all this time!

Love and Purrs,

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