Lost Cat Found 740 Miles Away, Thanks to Microchip

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Image source: Fox 5 News
Image source: Fox 5 News

Lazarus the cat went missing from his home in Illinois. Three weeks later he was found – an incredible 740 miles away in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Lazarus, who is three to four years old, is owned by Roy, a single father with three children. Roy is an HVAC technician, and thinks that Lazarus may have hopped into the back of his truck, hitching a ride to Raleigh.

No one knows quite how Lazarus traveled to North Carolina, but the cat was missing for about three weeks. One day, a strange cat showed up on Maddie O’Beirne’s lawn in Raleigh. O’Beirne assumed he was just another neighborhood cat, but the cat proceeded to sit on her porch and follow her into the house.

O’Beirne talked with a neighbor who was able to tell that the cat didn’t belong to anyone in the neighborhood. The neighbor also took the cat to the vet, where it was discovered that he had a microchip, and that he actually belonged back in Illinois.

O’Beirne fostered Lazarus for a few days until Roy was able to make the 12-hour drive out to Raleigh to pick the cat up. Had Lazarus not been microchipped, he might have never been reunited with his family. Thankfully, this story has a happy ending, and Lazarus is back home once again.

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