Lost Cat Found 1,000 Miles From His European Home

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Image source: stanze - on the move via Flickr
Image source: stanze – on the move via Flickr

Some cats love adventure. That sure seems to be the case with Glitter, a nine-year-old cat owned by Sammy Karlsson of Sweden. Glitter would often disappear for a day or so before returning, but when he went missing about eight weeks ago and didn’t return, his owner became concerned.

Karlsson feared his cat was gone – that is, until he received an unbelievable phone call. A person in Nimes, which is located about 1,158 miles from Glitter’s home, called Karlsson to ask if he owned Glitter. Glitter had been identified thanks to an ear microchip. Karlsson couldn’t believe the phone call, but when he was sent photos of Glitter wearing his purple leash, he began to believe that the far-fetched story might just be true.

“I thought they were joking,” he said. “But they sent pictures – it’s him. He’s wearing a purple leash.”

No one knows just how Glitter traveled so far, but Karlsson suspects that a tourist may have picked up the cat and transported him to Nimes.

Glitter’s travel home is currently being planned. “He won’t be back for Christmas but maybe early in 2016. My daughters really miss him, so we hope it’s soon,” explained Karlsson. “But first, he must obtain a French passport and be vaccinated against rabies. But I’m very psyched to get him home.”

This incredible story is a poignant reminder of what a difference microchipping can make in the life of a lost pet.


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