Lost Cat Delivers the Unexpected to Disheartened Writer

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We all have bad days and for one writer with the Detroit Free Press, this particular one began as no exception. Georgea Kovanis had a rough day and everything, large, small, and in-between from the bear of a headache that constantly reminded her she had not slept even remotely well the night before added to being miserable and cold and seeing the big, orange cat outside on a freezing night only compounded what had already transpired.  Until it brought her back some faith.

She saw it, the cat, outdoors on that frigid Detroit night, and it got the better of her. Georgea wrote:

That night I just wanted to go indoors, put on my pajamas, pour a glass of wine, sit in the dark and decompress.

And yet, the cat.

I couldn’t leave it outside to fend for itself on a cold winter night — or any night, for that matter. It wasn’t wearing a collar, but it was so social, I knew it had to be someone’s pet. I knew that someone somewhere cared for it.

Then, a thought: I decided kitty might belong to the lady across the street. I knew she had cats and I was pretty sure one was orange, though I’d never seen it. So while Elyse kept an eye on kitty, I banged on the lady’s front door. No luck; she wasn’t home.

Honestly, how many of us have found ourselves in similar scenarios and to what lengths did we take personal action? Georgea felt compelled to follow this through to the end, in spite of a day that seemed, by all accounts, to be crumbling down around her.  However, the end-of-the-day mission culminated in an unexpected surprise.

Take a moment to read her entire story, In the age of Trump, finding hope from a cat, a crisis and a cop, at the Detroit Free Press, to see what happened and how, in an odd sort of way, her efforts were rewarded. All of us are sometimes amazed at what even the worst days can bring.







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