Lost Cat Crosses Mountains for 4 Months to Return Home to Family

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Image source: People.com

Four months ago, Mittens, a rescue cat who lived with the Flitton family of Mountain Green, Utah, crawled into the family’s boat to take a nap. Brandon Flitton didn’t know that Mittens was in the boat, and dropped the boat off at a repair shop. That repair shop was in Salt Lake City, Utah, 35 miles away from the family’s home.

Mittens ran away when mechanics pulled the boat’s cover off. He wouldn’t be seen again for another four months.

Mittens’ family was heartbroken, assuming that they’d never see the cat again. But Mittens had a plan. Mittens was an outdoor cat and was used to hunting mice. These skills helped him to survive during his journey.

And journey, Mittens did. Last month he showed up in Alice Puleo’s yard in Park City, Utah. That’s a 32-mile trip, and Mittens would have had to cross several mountains to make the journey.

Image source: People.com
Image source: People.com

Mittens was hungry and Puleo fed him. And fed him. She put up signs, hoping to find his owner, but after receiving no calls she took him to her vet to check for a microchip. They were shocked when Mittens’ microchip registered with the Flitton family in Mountain Green. It appears that Mittens had been trying to make his way home – he was headed in the right direction, and with some more time he just might have gotten all the way home.

Thankfully, Mittens didn’t have to make the rest of the trip on his own. The Flittons traveled to the clinic in Park City. As soon as Mittens heard Allison Flitton, 14, speak, he jumped out of Puleo’s arms and ran across the room to see Allison. Allison’s parents hadn’t told her about the reunion that was about to happen, giving their daughter one memorable surprise.

This story just proves how incredible cats are. Even when others gave up, Mittens was determined to find his way home. It took him some time, but Mittens got just the reunion that he was looking for.

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