Lockup Video: Prison Cats

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Two views of prison cats: Those allowed as companions by institutional programs, and those who enter unbidden, welcomed by the prisoners but not by the prison.

Video from MSNBC’s Lockup Raw series which visits prisons.

8 thoughts on “Lockup Video: Prison Cats”

  1. What a wonderful program for the prisons to have! It’s great to see how the inmates care so deeply for the cats, and I’m glad that there are prisons that have adoption programs and programs to help with the ferals. I think it’s hilarious how the cats try to outwit the guards, too… the prisoners and the cats seem to have a little covert operation going. For the prisons that do not have adoption programs or feral programs, they should consider getting one. One of my relatives spent some time in prison, and he talked about a group of cats that made the prison home. One of them was definitely feral, another one was a total people cat and the inmates all took care of them. They would bring food from the cafeteria and spend time petting them. Unfortunately, the people cat went missing, and a week later, one of the inmates found him. He had been hit by a car. The inmates were allowed to give him a funeral, and they buried him underneath his favorite tree, marked with a large stone. Anyway, this is a great story, and I’m so glad to see that prisons are providing homes to homeless cats, and that inmates are being given the chance to work on their human side…

  2. What a wonderful program! God Bless that prison ,inmates and kitties!Although this is a happy story, I cried thinking of all the sad and tragic stories behind the inmates and the kitties that brought them to where they are.

  3. Cats are really stress relief buster and has calming effect to humans… I hope all prisons would be allowed with animal adoption especially cats coz it would help them a lot… KUdos to the prisoners who have soft spots for cats…

  4. I’m so sorry about this j. Thank you for reminding us why a lot of lot of prisoners are in prison.

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