Locals find cat missing at travel plaza for several weeks

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Kosi, with Julia Baxi of Nutley Farm Cattery


A cat who went missing in January while traveling from the UK to Germany with his family was found after 5 weeks and is safely awaiting a reunion with his petmom.

After living in Leeds for six years, Ina Pautz was driving back to her native Germany when she stopped briefly at Maidstone Services, a roadway plaza offering gas, food and lodging to travelers.

Kosey the cat escaped from the van during the stop and disappeared.

Ina was distressed to have to leave the UK without her cat, but she had to leave for her destination in Germany. She took to the internet with missing cat posts, covering the local RSPCA branch’s Facebook, missing pet sites and anywhere else that might help in the search for Kosey.

The missing cat, posts, which Ina posted over the course of the first few days Kosey was missing, varied slightly, but read something like this one: “If you know anyone in the Maidstone area, can you please share this? My cat has gone missing at the Roadchef Services at Junction 8 on the M20 southbound (near Maidstone). I’m from Yorkshire so my cat is not familiar with the area. He’s run off Thursday night 15th January and despite searching for hours we couldn’t find him. He’s a ginger/white cat (male) called Kosey. He’s not wearing a collar but is microchipped. He’s got a white neck with a big ginger spot on it. Please keep an eye out for him and I’m thankful for any information!”

Kosey was sighted around the travel plaza but evaded capture until, weakened, hungry and shrunk to nearly half his original size, he came to 16 year old Courtney Weeks and allowed himself to be captured.  Courtney had stopped at the plaza with her mother when the young animal lover spotted the 5 year old cat.

A microchip scan at the vet verified Kosey’s identity, and he was taken to Nutley Farm Cattery, where is is waiting for his relieved and grateful petmom to come and collecthim.

Julia Baxi of Nutley Farm Cattery shared photos of Kosey to Facebook, writing : “Guess who that is? Koseuy! Finally we got him. He is now safe with us in the Cattery.

“A massive thank you to Courtney Weeks and her mum Sarah whom managed to pick him up at the services where he lost 5 weeks ago and take him to Harrietsham vets. Thank you everyone who was helping to look for him especially Viv Knight, Jose from Days Inn and Lesley who spent many hours searching for little munchkin. Kosey is very thin and clearly craving human contact but he is safe now! That is such a relief! I’m ecstatic to have him back! He can now have a proper Kent holiday in beautiful countryside location living in luxury, warm, dry, with delicious food before being reunited with his owner Ina.”


Courtney Weeks photo


Safe at Nutley Farm Cattery


Kosey, in one of his ‘Missing Cat’ photos.


Kosey, in one of his ‘Missing Cat’ photos.

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