Liza, the beatiful kitten missing her two back feet, is doing great!


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By Karen Harrison Binette

“Put your nubs in the air and wave them like you just don’t care!”



Redditor Leyley904 is dedicated animal lover and foster caregiver who has shared many heartwarming pics and stories at Reddit and Imgur over the past couple of years.

Near the end of October, Leyley904 posted about Liza, a little rescue kitten born without her back feet, who was found with her family at a gas station.

Leyley904 wrote: “I stumbled across a family of cats at a gas station. It wasn’t until after trapping them that I realized this kitten has no back feet,” but went on to say the kitten was perfectly healthy and could expect to live a perfectly normal life, with only minor limits to her mobility.

We shared the story and a beautiful photo of Liza on October 30, with: Liza: Rescued kitten was born without her hind feet.

Liza continues to do well and to settle into a comfortable life in a good and loving home, and Leyley904 has made a couple of updates on her and her family members at Reddit.

“She’s doing great! I’m falling more and more in love with her every day. Her nubs were almost healed from her parking lot days, but now that she has opened up and is starting to run and play, they are a little irritated again. I’ll have to see what I can do for some little socks or something.”

“In other news:

“One thing that is weird is that Liza is very sweet, but her brother, Cyclone, still needs quite a bit of work with socialization. He is starting to make progress though. He’s a sucker for chicken baby food! Once he’s more comfortable with people, neutered, and vaccinated, he’ll be available for adoption through a local cat rescue that I volunteer with (

‘I also have found a potential safe, outdoor home for the two adults at the gas station, Tommy and Tula! I haven’t been able to trap them yet, they’re definitely very smart kitties, but I’m certainly not giving up!

“Liza is doing GREAT! She’s completely come out of her shell and is amazing in every possible way. I’m working on getting her used to having her nubs touched and handled. I have been researching and am working on getting in touch with some specialists. Getting her booties (or the like) is nothing urgent at the moment, though. She gets around great and does not seem [fazed] whatsoever by her handicap.”

Lizafiootlesskitten is on Instagram, where Leyley904 invites people to follow the beautiful and special kitten as she grows up.

The Instagram page makes this brief introduction: “Liza Lou Makes Do With Two Liza, her brother, and her feral parents were found at a gas station. It wasn’t until after they were trapped that we realized Liza has no back feet!”

Yeah, I’m cute. What’s new?

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  1. Hello! I have a cat who has the same back feet..I was wondering if you mind answering a question…I don’t know how I even found this page or if I’ll be able to find it to read your answer again but I’ll try anyways… They said my cat would make it to 6 months but he is 9 be years old now and so spoiled…he just recently has gotten a little irritation on one of his back “paws” have you ever put anything on your cats back feet to help him? I don’t know what to do. He won’t wear socks and it’s terrible to try to take him to the vet . Thank you.

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