Little Dog Rescued the Kitten She Adopted as Her Own

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The heartwarming story of a little dog who was rescued along with the kitten she adopted gets even sweeter.

Yesterday we shared the story of a dog and her adopted kitten who were rescued from a steep embankment alongside a creek behind a Home Depot  in Anderson, SC, in Dog and Her Adopted Kitten Rescued From Wooded Spot Near Creek.

Animal control officer Michelle Smith found the dog and her kitten on Monday when she responded to a call from someone who reported hearing a dog barking for two days. Officer Smith took the pair to Anderson County P.A.W.S in Anderson.  Those who have seen the little dog and her kitten are struck by the bond between the pair, who are described as  inseperable.

An update on the story, shown in the video below, adds another layer of heartwarming sweetness to the tale.

Officer Smith believes the dog went down the hill, rescued the kitten, and, unable to carry the kitty back up the hill and unwilling to leave it, barked for two days to bring help.

The dog has recently been groomed, is healthy and well fed, and is wearing a collar, so is someone’s pet or was so until very recently. Both officer Smith and P.A.W.S. shelter director Jessica Cwynar hope the dog’s owner will see the news story and come forward before a 14 day hold period expires and she is put up for adoption. It is hoped that either the dogs owner or an adopter will also take the kitten so the pair can remain together.


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