Lisa’s Got Her Mojo Back; Her Cat Mojo, That Is

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Mojo has had quite the adventure in recent days – an adventure that includes hopping a ride in a delivery van, then being mistaken for a hotel cat burglar – but she’s safely back home now. Actually, the full story is a bit more interesting though less glib.

Note, July 7: This updated version of the story includes the wonderful photo of Mojo seen above, provided by petmom Lisa Payne and taken July 1. Mojo’s intensity of expression, beauty and elegant pose speak volumes about this very spunky cat.

Mojo’s adventures began on June 8 when, as new neighbors moved into a house adjacent to her courtyard in Mundesley, Norfolk UK, she hopped into a delivery van and went for a ride. When Mojo was discovered to be missing later that day the family searched the neighborhood but petmom Lisa Payne had the sinking feeling that her curious cat had climbed into the delivery van that had come and gone that day at the neighbors’ home. Ms. Payne’s 10 year old son Charlie has grown up with Mojo, so was devastated by her sudden absence.

Petmom Lisa Payne

The new neighbors were away and did not return until a week later, so Ms. Payne was left waiting several days before she could even find out what company the van belonged to. After speaking to the neighbors and getting the company name she tracked the delivery van’s progress to a stop in Overstand High Street, so she went and knocked on doors and put up missing cat posters there.

Finally, on June 27, Ms. Payne heard from an Overstand vet that a cat had been brought in from nearby Northrepps Cottage Country Hotel, where it had been hanging around for some days. Ms. Payne went to check and the cat was indeed her Mojo.

Taking the time to track down the van and go to Overstand paid off, because the vet recognized Mojo when a hotel employee brought her in. Ms. Payne’s understanding of her cat’s personality and likely behavior, and her persistence in following her hunch  made possible the happy outcome.

Ms. Payne tells us that she did not conceive and enact the entire search operation herself, as has been suggested in other reports.  She employed the services of Animal Search UK , a pet search company we have seen credited with reuniting pets and their families in other instances, as well.  One way they helped in this case, was by putting Mojo’s picture on their website, where hotel employees saw it and then contacted the company.

So, while the earlier versions of this story are cute and have a satisfactory outcome, they neglect the important role played by Anumal Search UK, a, effective, professional service that often brings results.

So, Ms. Payne got her Mojo back, but that is not the end of the story. It seems that guests at Northrepps Cottage has seen signs of suspicious activity, like marks on their windowsill, and had reported a possible burglar to management. Police were called but the offer to come out and investigate was refused since management wanted to move in the next guests and nothing had been taken from the room.

Hotel manager Avril Hemp say she came to realize the intruder was Mojo, who had happened into the building through an open window and was seen hanging around outside.

Mojo is said to be resting up at home now, after her traveling adventure and after causing hearts to flutter at both ends of her journey.

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