Lincoln, The Formerly Quadriplegic Miracle Kitty, 6 Months Later

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On August 18th, 2012 Tenth Life Cat Rescue received a call about a kitten found in the middle of the sidewalk, lying motionless. Lincoln was completely immobile when Tenth Life foster coordinator Bobbi Hale first saw him that day. With the help of Bobbi and her husband and the therapy program they devised for him, Lincoln was able to walk, play with toys and even run in short spurts within ten days.
We shared Lincoln’s story, with photos and videos of his early progress taking those first steps, in Lincoln: Qadrapelegic Kitten Learns to Walk.
Six months after his rescue, Lincoln is able to walk normally, and has been officially adopted by Bobbi Hale.
Bobbi tells the story of Lincoln’s early days with her and the remarkable and unexpected progress he made:

This is one of our most unbelievable rescues to-date.

On August 18th, 2012 Tenth Life received a deeply concerning call: a woman in north St. Louis found a four-week-old kitten in the middle of the sidewalk, completely immobile. She brought him inside to help him and scan for injuries, but couldn’t find anything immediately visible. She fed and observed the kitten, who just laid on his side, unable to stand or move his legs. She assumed he had broken his legs and/or paws.

When we picked Lincoln up from the woman’s home, our hearts sank, seeing that this poor kitten was essentially quadriplegic. Never ones to give up hope, we had little the tiny, motionless kitten examined, fearing the worst. Our vets felt his was a spinal or neurological injury, and they were unsure what impact, if any, physical therapy would have for his condition.

We (The foster parents) took this news as a challenge, and we are performing physical therapy with little Lincoln 6 times a day, pumping his little legs, stretching them out, and supporting him as he learns to walk again.

Lincoln has been making incredible progress: When he was rescued, he could only lie limply, raising his head occasionally. A week later, with therapy, the tenacious kitten was curling his paws around a human finger, standing with support, and picking up his paws to take steps. He even sat on his hind legs and batted at a toy!!!
We are incredibly encouraged by his progress in such a short period, and we’re confident that Lincoln will walk again. ♥

A video from late September shows the kitten’s progress after a little over a month of therapy and loving care:

She continues, bringing the story up to date:
PAWESOME NEWS: As you can see, 6 months after he was first rescued, Linky has turned into a fully mobile kitten! Also since his last video, his foster momma has officially ADOPTED him! Thus, his journey will continue where it began…with ME!
Lincoln now has his very own Facebook page where you can follow his latest updates and adventures! Follow him at Lincoln, The Formerly Quadriplegic Miracle Kitty.
Here he is in a new video, Lincoln Loves Steak:

Lincoln is entered in a contest where he hopes to win a cash prize for Tenth Life, the organization that helped him, along with many other special needs kitties.

He says: Oh what a VERY long way I have come from the broken tiny kitten in this picture [below] thanks to the chance I was given by Tenth Life. I think I’m the luckiest kitten in the world and hope to help Tenth Life help other kitties by winning $5,500 in Petfinder’s Luckiest Pet Contest. Please take a moment to vote, share this link, and ask your friends to vote daily so my wish of helping other kitties through Tenth Life can come true!

Click on the link, Search for Lincoln, click the magnifying glass, choose Lincoln (the Cat) from St. Louis, MO and vote.

Lincoln, as the tiny broken kitten found immobile on a sidewalk just over six months ago.

10 thoughts on “Lincoln, The Formerly Quadriplegic Miracle Kitty, 6 Months Later”

  1. Someone must really have a heart of love to actually pick it up, take it home and give it a life when poor little Lincoln could have died. The main person who took care of it had to be a loving christian. Im also a christian. most people could have just walked on by and not help Lincoln. Wow the lady must of had hope and faith that it would survive to even think about saving its life!

  2. Lucky for Linky between the lady who found him, Tenth Life Cat Rescue who took him in, the vet clinic who offered treatment options, us the fosters that adopted him, and all of his supporters across the world, he received an abundance of love and support from numerous loving people from ALL various walks of life, religions and beliefs who were united in their positive thoughts and encouragement for this special little kitty. 🙂

  3. Thank you Gina! It’s been quite the amazing journey to watch in process. He’s one unique special Lil boo boo for sure! <3

  4. Wonderful deep and important work. God Bless you or Earth Blessings to you! You are the best!

    He’s a great happy cat now….love it….rb

  5. My heart got so big when Iread this story,and found this website.Sometimes I forget there are still so many truly blessed and good people on this earth,such a pure miracle bless you for helping this sweet baby kitten,hes just a pure innocent ball of love.Truly thankfulfor the few or scarce amounts of truly good human beings on our earth.I pray for many good years for you and your family and this truly blessed animal.Bye now Lisa and my two Ragdoll kittys Murphy and Murph Jr.

  6. Bless your little darling! but i have a question that why its color of eyes in the photo below is diffrent from the one above? blue to yellow?

  7. Glory, kittens are born with blue eyes. They don’t change color until they’re between 6 and 8 weeks old. That’s why the picture of Lincoln as a kitten has blue eyes and in the older picture he has yellow eyes.

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