Lifeless cats are revived after house fire

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Firefighters were able to revive a family’s beloved cats, who seemed lifeless when they were rescued from their smoke-filled burning home.

Cleburne, Texas firefighters fought the fire and rescued the cat, then shared the story to Facebook on March 4, writing:

“Cleburne Firefighters (A-Shift) were able to save two cats from a structure fire last night on Chambers Street. The home owner advised firefighters on arrival the kitchen was on fire with his cats still inside the home. Engine 1 crew, Lt. Bicknell and firefighter Friesen entered the smoky structure and immediately found two lifeless cats in the living room area. The cats were taken outside where firefighters Stewart and Harrell begin administering oxygen to the unconscious animals using specially designed O2 mask for pets. Both cats responded well to the treatment and were doing very well considering their condition when found. Good Job A-Shift!!!”

Brenna Mustin Cram wrote in comments: “That was my father’s home. He is extremely thankful that these wonderful men worked so hard to revive his “kids”. They truly are amazing.”

Cleburne Assistant Fire Chief Keith Scarbrough credits a pet resuscitation kit donated to the department with saving the cats.

“Someone donated an animal resuscitation kit to the department a few years ago,” Scarbrough said. “It’s an oxygen system, but the mask is designed to fit over the entire head of the animal and deliver oxygen to them.”

Tuesday’s fire was the first time firefighters had the opportunity to use the life-saving equipment.

“They were completely lifeless when the firefighters brought them out of the house,” Scarbrough said. “And I don’t think anyone was more surprised than the firefighters who worked on them because they expected the cats to not survive. But they gave them oxygen and, boom, they came right back. They were so up and about afterwards that we were kind of afraid they might run off. But then a lady in the neighborhood came and got them and someone brought a kennel cage to put them in.”


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