Life Lessons From Lilo: How To Be A Pawsome Mom

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Remember Lilo the husky who adopted a sick rescue kitten named Rosie? Well now it’s Rosie’s turn to be a pawsome mom, with some help from her husky friend. The maternal canine and Rosie are both looking after a litter of orphan kittens.

Image source: Lilothehusky via Flickr
Image source: Lilothehusky via Flickr

“Okay, remember when we said Rosie was indifferent to the kittens?” reads this post from Instagram and lilothehusky. “Well she REALLY surprised us yesterday when she suddenly started mothering them!? Rosie has never had a litter, nor does she have any milk to give, but she is no less motherly! She cleans up after them and lets them climb all over her. She has definitely learned some important life lessons from Lilo.”

Yes, just one year ago, Lilo adopted adorable, motherless Rosie and took her into her heart and super protective husky pack. “Now it looks like the favor has come full circle!”


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