Let’s Get This Party Started

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Welcome to the new home of Life With Cats. Let’s get something straight.

Life With Cats is a spinoff of Life With Dogs, a site with a trash-talking, cat-chasing ego maniacal dog as its mascot.  After years of torment, the house cat was left with no option but to form this venture with the help of a few feline friends.

We’ll introduce the players shortly, but in the meantime, let there be no doubt.


4 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Party Started”

  1. That is one tough little kitteh!!! Cute too <3! Sweet doggie of course
    The eyes are a bit different MOL!
    Fun video:)

  2. Knowing you have been holding your own living with Buggers around all these years tells me you are one tough kitteh. I’m really looking forward to seeing your take on Vermont life. ♥

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