Lennox, Stolen and Abused Kitten, is Found and Will Be Adopted

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This is Lennox. She was at the Bloomington Animal Shelter waiting to be adopted when 19 year olf University of Indiana student Christopher C. Gugliuzza put her into his jacket and stole her on Monday. Gugliuzza took her home, tortured her using various means, then left her for dead in the woods after hurling a large rock toward her.

Shelter staff were able to send police to Gugliuzza ‘s residence because he had adopted two cats from them previoisly and the address was on file. He had expressed interest in adopting Lennox before taking her when staffers were occupied with other visitors to the shelter. Gugliuzza was initially charged with theft until his girlfriend told police how he’d hurt the cat. She then  detailed other instances to police where cats had been hurt or had died. Gugliuzza appears to be a serial torturer and killer, with what seems to be a specialty, at least for now, in cats.

Lennox was thought to have died, until two young men heard meows and found her, very much alive despite her ordeal.  Angola High School graduates Dylan Warren and Brady Tribble, now students at IU, are responsible for finding Lennox and taking her back to the shelter, where she is staying for a brief while before going to a new home.

Lennox was found near the edge of a wooded area. “I wanted to make sure it wasn’t hurt before I just picked it up, and it appeared to be fine other than it looked traumatized,” Tribble said.

“She wasn’t really moving at all, barely lifting her head or anything,” Warren said. “She looked like she had just went through some trauma. But she was still being, like, really lovable.”

Tribble and Warren took Lennox in and cared for her until they saw the media reports about her and returned her to the shelter.

“We put two and two together that this cat might be the one that people thought was dead,” Warren said. “I was pretty shocked that this was the cat that was actually tortured.”

“I can’t even express, because I just feel so bad for it,” said Warren. “I have two cats at home and I’m so close to both of them. I just can’t imagine… harmless animal that did nothing wrong, it just doesn’t make any sense.”

City of Bloomington Animal Care and Control posted the announcement to Facebook on Wednesday, that Lenox had lived and was back at the shelter, saying:

“By now many of you have read about the horrific events that unfolded here on Monday and were reported in the local media. We are pleased to report that the kitten, Lennox, was found Monday evening by some very kind Indiana University students who took her in and cared for her. When they saw the story, they connected with us and we picked her up last night and transported her to College Mall Vet.
“Following an exam and xrays we are so happy to report that she appears to be doing well and there is every indication she will make a full recovery.

“I know many of you will have questions about the specifics of the case but because this is an ongoing police matter we need to refer those questions to the police department. Staff and volunteers are understandably upset and saddened by these events but we also know that we can’t let this experience stop us from continuing with the important work we do every day. We appreciate your support during this difficult time.”

An update at the page yesterday said, “We have continued positive news to report on Lennox. Her fever is down and further xrays did not reveal any problems. In an abundance of caution the vet would like to keep her for observation until tomorrow morning. Many of you have so generously expressed interest in adopting. She had a pending application before all of this happened on Monday and we are working with them to give them the first choice on adopting.”

This morning, they wrote, “Here is your Lennox update! She has been cleared by the vet and the adopters who were waiting for her are able to take her home later today or tomorrow! Thank you all for your offers to foster and adopt. We are so grateful for this happy ending for her.”

Lennox  is expected to go home with her new family this weekend.

Lenox’s heroes Dylan Warren and Brady Tribble talk about finding the kitten, in the video on the Gugliuzza case below.

The details of the (now former) girlfriend’s telling of Gugliuzza ‘s ‘s violence toward Lennox, as well as a cat named Misty whose remains were dug up by police, and others, as well as the case against him have been made public. We will cover those matters in a separate post so as not to detract from Lenox and her story, other that to note the most recent updates. Gugliuzza has been expelled from school. He has left his position and is persona non grata at the Sonic restaurant where he worked. He was scheduled to have an initial hearing in court today, which his attorney waived on his behalf.



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  1. I am saddened that this POS (and heavens knows how many others) are going to adopt cats and dogs from the Humane Society. I am not, however, surprised.

    A little more than a year ago, I adopted a cat from the Humane Society. No one has ever “checked up” on her. (I would have welcomed the visit.) I was never required to provide them the name of her vet, so they could follow up with the vet. (Having to provide the name of a vet and requiring a 6 month and year follow up exams might have put this POS and others like him on the HS’s radar, and possibly triggered an investigation).

    I do know that the resources for protecting animals is extremely limited. Until and unless we take steps to check up on follow up, though, these evil beings will continue to utilize the very organizations that are trying to protect animals.

  2. Lee, u are so right. Those who want to adopt cats must be interviewed carefully and have their background checked. So we also need a nation wide data base on animal abusers. Especially on cats because these sickly beasts tend to aim at cats and kittens.

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