Laura the Piglet and Marina the Kitten Are BFFs, Ambassadors for Compassion

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By Samme

Cuddle buddies Laura and Marina are growing up together at an amazing animal sanctuary in Chile. (Picture: Facebook/Soy Laura, no comida)

Marina the orphaned kitten needed a friend, and she found one in Laura, a rescue piglet whose story is reaching people around the world. The two baby animals met at an animal sanctuary in Chile and quickly bonded.

The story of their unique friendship is captured in heart-warming photos and videos. Laura was rescued from a pig farm when she was only a few days old and brought to the Santuario Igualdad Interespecie (Interspecies Equality Sanctuary) in Chile.


Laura the piglet adopted the motherless kitten,  and began grooming Marina and napping with her. Laura is a piglet with oodles of personality and charm. Her humans like to dress her in colorful outfits and have given her a Facebook page that carries this message: “Soy Laura, no comida!” “I am Laura, not food!”

Sharing a safe haven and comfy bed. (Picture: Facebook/Soy Laura, no comida.)

The sanctuary is home to some very interesting and kindhearted animal lovers who appear in the photos and videos posted on YouTube and Laura’s Facebook page.  A man and woman identified as “mama” and “daddy” are seen hugging and playing with members of their diverse animal family, which includes  cows, dogs, chickens and exotic birds.

(Picture: Facebook/Soy Laura, no comida)

The sanctuary’s Website advocates for compassion for farm animals and calls attention to the plight of animals raised for meat: “Animals considered ‘livestock’ have no place in our society outside the industrial centers where they live miserable lives.” The sanctuary promotes farm animal rescue and a cruelty-free lifestyle. To really appreciate what the sanctuary does, it’s best to watch the animals interacting with each other and their human caretakers. This one is entitled “Two babies playing that open the heart.” And here’s another off-the-charts cute video in which Marina plays with an adorable green parrot named Pepe. You’re welcome!


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