Las Vegas Boys Sentenced in Stoning of Newborn Kittens

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The two 11 year old Las Vegas boys accused of causing the deaths of a newborn litter of 6 kittens by throwing rocks at a Mama cat giving birth outside the apartment complex where they lived appeared before a judge at the Clark County Family Courts  yesterday, where they took a plea deal that drastically downgraded the charges and resulted in a patchwork of penalties that did not include time in detention. Protesters gathered outside the courthouse with signs, as they have at each court date for the case.

The incident took place in October and prompted a police search and reward after witness saw the boys hurling rocks at the Mama kitty.  Some of the newborns died at the scene and rest died after all were taken to an animal hospital. A vet tech at the hospital was visibly upset speaking about the kittens to a news crew, and said it was the worst thing he had seen in course of his work.

The boys faced 7 felony counts but  Judge William Voy agreed there was no forensic evidence or expert testimony that the litter of 6 kittens died as a result of the assault. The two each pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit animal cruelty, a misdemeanor.

The sentence includes counseling, community service and a year of probation. The boys were ordered to attend school, write an essay about how to properly treat animals, have no contact with animals unless under supervision, and not associate with one another. They will return to court in December 2013 for a review of their progress.

Speaking in court, in a comment captured on video, one boy indicated the two had been throwing rocks at the adult cat (which he calls a he) and hit it a couple of times. The boy says he and the other boy stopped because the cat, which didn’t move, looked really angry. When asked if he had seen any kittens, the boy said “no”.

In on camera remarks to Channel 3 news, defense attorneys portrayed the boys as being traumatized by the charges and the presence of protesters. Defense attorney JD Evans said his client was under a lot of stress and suffered depression over the case. The other defense attorney, Jeannue Hua, called the protesters’ signs cruel and hurtful and made it seem as though the boys were being victimized by adults.

Stacia Newman of Nevada Political Action for Animals spoke out, defending the protesters and expressing disappointment with the sentence, saying, to be effective, the period of probation should have been much longer.

The is the second high profile animal abuse case with juvenile defendants in Las Vegas this year, after a felony animal cruelty meant to protect the city’s animals became law. The other defendants, teens who laughed after drowning two newborn kittens, were also given a plea deal that kept them out of juvenile detention.

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20 thoughts on “Las Vegas Boys Sentenced in Stoning of Newborn Kittens”

  1. I am sick to death of children getting off because “they are young” or “didn’t know what they were doing” or they’re “just children.” Screw that. Those brats knew what they were doing. They didn’t accidently hit a cat with a rock, they didn’t even do it just one time. They showed no remorse, and you’d have to be pretty damn stupid not to realize a cat is giving birth. Kittens make a HELL of a lot of noise. And WTF was up with the so called “forensic evidence” What the hell ELSE did the kittens die from? Dammit I’m tired of this crap. We need to quit sugarcoating life for the kiddies, quit telling them that everyone’s a fricken winner and start showing them the reality of LIFE. Damn I’m so mad I’m steaming!

  2. Disgusting. This turned my stomach and made me so sad. As we all know anyone who can hurt or torture an animal can go on to do this to a human as well. These boys deserve a punishment that befits the horrible crime. And a lawyer who can represent these little shits is almost as bad. Why not let everyone know who these little creeps are and what they did? Make them wear a sign about their crime. I think that would be almost as good as a trip to jail.

  3. So there were witnesses?? Wait until I come across something like this, I’ll be doing more than witnessing. I grab the little boogers by the scruff of the neck. Or go over to the cat to shelter her, pick her up and take her and her kittens away. Jesus H Pete, what is the matter with people who stand around and watch this brutality.

  4. AND…AND…where are the reports of people standing up for these animals? We should see news every day where some good soul trampled on the rights of the kids/adults doing this abuse. Beat them off with a stick, take the animal away, go into the neighbors yard and put up a shelter…make a stand for God’s sake.

  5. I guess that when they grow up…so to speak, that the punishment will kick in and they will be jailed for murdering someone, or a few someones, because they got away with this! It is sickening that any animal cruelty charge should ever be downgraded where practicing future murderers are concerned.

  6. OH GEEZ. No forensic evidence to prove the newborns died from being stoned. What kind of cockamamie person did the forensic exam? Did the newborns die ”simply because”? THESE DELINQUENTS DESERVE JUVIE HALL AND MORE. Traumatized by the crowds, suffering from depression…OH GIVE ME A BREAK ALREADY! These boys are ELEVEN. They are taking the judicial system for a ride down Fairytale Lane, and the adults are buying right into it. SHAME ON THE GROWN UPS. I agree with CANOEHEAD – bang their eleven year old cretinous heads together! A whoop upside the heads of the judiciaries might jar some common sense loose, too. GRRRRR….!!!

  7. I agree with you 100+%!! These creeps took innocent lives for FUN. No other reason. If the judicial system does not do right by these poor dead kittens, then I can only see more trouble ahead from these POS kids in regard the lives of animals. What they get away with once, they will get away with again…and again.

  8. I should have said that I agree with EVERYONE who commented thus far. The justrice system is SHAMEFUL. These boys are going to, one day, get the bejeebers beaten out of their hides when someone comes across them again abusing an animal. Gee, wish I could be there for that.

  9. why can’t these boys not be prosecuted. I dont understand. Who speaks up for the kittens. What type of justice do they have…NONE. thanks to the people who stood out in front with signs. Hope those boys have learned a lesson. Rest In Peace little kittens and mommy.

  10. This is indicative of the times we live in. People have no respect for lives be it human or animals. This makes me sick!

  11. Shannon is 100% RIGHT !! Stop the damn coddling !! So we buy and approve violent games, and when they go out and do something so damn cruel, parents are so surprised. They KNEW exactly what they were doing–they just thought it was fun. Shitty parenting, and now coddling. There isn’t gong to be anything to our future generations but calloused cowards and rampant cruelty.

  12. My first thought beyond being disgusted that these kids even thought to do something like that is why are we worrying how they feel? Excuse me? I’m sorry but did they stop to worry about how those LIVE NEWBORN KITTENS felt as they were being stoned to death!! This is where our justice system keeps breaking down. They deserve to be PUNISHED, not just a slap on the wrist (which is exactly what they got)! We all know that when you do stuff like this to an animal, the natural progression is to move on to people. The are not having to face any penalty for their crime. Kids this young already starting this crap are headed to a bad place and the fact that they have even the judge tryng to protect them is appaling. Not having to face punishment for the things you do will only lead to more misbehaving and thinking you will get away with it. This is heartbreaking that animals are still treated like possessions. Until that changes, we will continue to see people getting light or no sentences. Its time to see that they are like us, they live, breathe, give live birth, feel pain and sadness and love like we do.

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