Larry the Cat Holds the Fort at Prime Minister’s Residence

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Though he may have a new owner soon, Larry the cat is a permanent resident of famous 10 Downing Street. While the British media has been busy covering the aftermath of their recent election and waits for Theresa May to give a statement following the result, Larry waits as well, to see if Jeremy Corbyn will be moving in with him.

He is often spotted in the background of media reports, sitting on the stoop, coming in from a walk, or just interacting with the civil servants around, demonstrating who really runs the house.


Larry has lived with the two previous Prime Ministers, Theresa May and David Cameron, both Conservatives. If Jeremy Corbyn decides to reside at the Downing Street address, some have expressed concerns over whether Larry would get along with Corbyn’s cat, El Gato.

However, Mr. Corbyn had previously said he may not move to Downing Street, and instead stay in his little house in Islington. This would mean Larry the cat could end up without a live-in owner.

However, he always well cared for by adoring civil servants. No matter which Prime Ministers come and go from Downing Street, Larry the cat is home.


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  1. It’s *Jeremy* Corbyn, not David. And anyway, Theresa May was confirmed as Prime Minister on the 9th, a good few days before this article was posted.

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