Landscapers rescue cat trapped under concrete

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Boo the cat got trapped under a concrete walkway when her petmom had some work done at her Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania home.

Peggy Tabachka had a crew doing some work around her pool when Boo snuck into the work area and got sealed inside. Peggy thinks Boo panicked because of the commotion and chose the wrong place to hide.

Peggy told WTAE News 4 she thought Boo had died until she heard her meowing from beneath the concrete surrounding the pool.

“I went over and I laid on the concrete, and I was crying, saying goodbye,” Peggy said. “Then I heard her.”

Peggy and some friends spent two days trying to free the cat, with no success. When she called the Cranberry Fire Department a firefighter suggested that a local landscaping company might be able to help.

Metarko Landscaping came and got to work busting up the concrete. They then located and saved the frightened cat.

The crew used sledgehammers and a circular saw to remove a large section of the walkway and create an opening to reach Boo. Metarko’s John Depace reached in and managed to grab Boo by the leg and pull her out to safety.

“She was stuck up against some rocks, and there was a little wire that was holding her,” John Depace said. “But she was able to turn around and she came right to me.”

Boo did not appear to have suffered any harm other than the scare and lack of food and water for two days.

Metarko Landscaping were happy to help and did not charge for their work.

Watch the WTAE News report on the story:

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