Lacey and Cocopuff: Orphaned Puppy and Kitten Are Loving Companions

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Lacey the poodle puppy meets Cocoa Puff the kitten for the first time, on Valentine’s Day. Now these orphans are litter mates. They don’t care that they are not the same species!

Los Angeles rescue group Kitten Rescue is caring for a sweet pair of babies who love one another with no regard for their differences. Two videos with the pair, seen below, are sure to melt your heart.

Meet Lacey and Coco Puff, two young lives saved by Laura Hawthorne, one of Kitten Rescue’s dedicated volunteers. Lacey the miniature poodle puppy and Coco Puff the soft orange colored kitten are orphaned babies who have bonded as loving foster littermates.

Lacey’s mom and siblings died during labor at the pound and Coco Puff was found all by himself in a parking garage.

Lacey and Coco Puff are not the first adorable kitten and puppy pair in Kitten Rescue’s care. The group rescued Mango and Milkshake last year.

You can visit this wonderful group “dedicated to the forgotten felines of Los Angeles” at their Kitten Rescue Facebook page.

Lacey and Cocoa Puff bonding.

Lacey and Cocopuff: The Makings of an Unconventional Family:

Laura Hawthorne is running the Big 5K in mid-March with Team Kitten Rescue and needs support to help save the lives of more little orphan babies in need. You can go to the Crowdrise page for Kitten Rescue’s Fundraiser: Team Kitten Rescue LA Marathon 2013 to help her and the babies.

Kitten Rescue says: Thank you to Little & Ashley for the use of “Stole my Heart”. If you like the music, you can purchase this song here:

Laura, is bottle feeding 3 1/2 week old puppy Lacey and 2 1/2 week old kitten Cocoa Puff in this video from February 18.


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  1. O my goodness, the adorableness is mind-blowing! I sincerely hope they will be adopted to the same furever home, they are so sweet.

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