Koko and a New Kitten?

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This video (taken last year) shows Koko looking at a litter of kittens and selecting one she likes.

We all remember Koko’s kitten “All Ball” from the 80’s. She and All Ball were featured in 1985 in National Geographic Magazine. The video of Koko mourning All Ball is heart-wrenching to say the least. It is hard to believe Koko will be 40 years old this July. In this video she receives a visit from a litter of kittens from the San Francisco Peninsula Humane Society. She picks one she likes. His name is Tigger. Hopefully there will be an update to the video in the near future. Koko has a YouTube channel with lots of videos including a slide show of her recent visit with Betty White.

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  1. Aww I just love Koko. Wasn’t that cute how she closed the kennel door after she picked her kitty?

  2. How wonderful to see that Koko is alive and doing so well! The video clips on her YouTube page are wonderful.

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