Kiwi Cat Hitches a Ride Across the Sea

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Photo via Flickr Creative Commons

Douglas, the kitty who lives on site at Tesco Singapore’s New Zealand plant, stowed away in a shipping container and made an 18-day trip to Adelaide, making stops in Sydney and Melbourne.

The workers at the plant became worried after several days of not seeing Douglas. “These big burly guys on the rigs were really worried about this one little cat,” regional service manager Bruce Clark told Adelaide’s Sunday Mail newspaper. They suspected the cat may have jumped into one of the containers so they contacted the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service. A quarantine officer checked a few containers and found no sign of a stowaway. Upon further unpacking, the officers found the kitty calmly just sitting in one of the containers.

Apparently Douglas is no stranger to hitching rides with Tesco workers and has been known to travel undetected for hours. Clark was in Singapore on a business trip when he found out about their beloved Douglas’ 3,500 km journey and changed his flight plans so he could meet the cat in Adelaide. The plant cat has been fully checked by a vet and given the OK to travel home with Clark.

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