Kitty’s Curbside Auto Service

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A feisty kitten decides to “help” change a tire.


The videographer says:

“We were trying to change the tire on our car when a kitten ran under the car. Every time we got it and moved it it ran back. Every time we tried to jack the car up it would try to play. It went on for like 10 minutes; it was very amusing.”

At some point toward the end of the episode the men decided to record kitty’s antics, and this is what they got. You can hear at the end of this brief video that the kitten’s little girl has come onto the scene; hopefully, to retrieve the playful little helper.

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0 thoughts on “Kitty’s Curbside Auto Service”

  1. My cats are a bit selective of when they want to help. They only want to help with food and napping.

  2. I’m extremely thankful the big guys were so good natured it, too. (What’s not to love about the determined little guy, right?) Hopefully friendly kitty will be kept safely indoors from now on, though.

  3. I agree 100% with Lucia Pierce, adorable video and nice guys, but let’s hope such a young kitten is kept safely indoors from now on so it lives to have a long and happy life with the little girl.

  4. Those guys were so good with that kitten! They didn’t know that the kitten works for Triple A roadside service. How cute.

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