Kitty with a Lisp — Creative Marketing Saves Lives

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It is always a struggle to encourage people to adopt and not shop when they are looking for a pet. Sometimes a great photo or story will capture someone’s eye and get an animal that might otherwise be overlooked adopted.  Time and time again, we see this happening, and it is usually spurred by someone’s creative thinking and a social outlet to get the message out there.  Such was the case of one adorable cat named “Jaws.”

The RSCPA New South Wales did just such a think for her.  This sweet little girl, who is missing part of her lower jaw, allowing her tongue to slide out, was one no one understood why she wasn’t being adopted.  She was adorable and sweet and just needed to be noticed.  So, they created an announcement that imagined how she might sound if she spoke English, and taking into account her issue, wrote her with a lisp.  This is what appeared on their  media outlets:

Hello there, my name ith Jawths.

I wath brought into the thelter ath a thray cat. Luckily thumone thpotted me when I thruggling to eat, and quickly thaw thumthing was mithing. They took me to the local vet hothpital, and I was tranthferred to the R-ETH-P-THEE-A.

When the vet thaw me, he thaw that half my bottom jaw wath mithing, cauthing my tongue to hang out and for me to have thith wonderful lithspe.

I am definitely a thpecial needth cat, and will need thumone thuper thpecial to care for me. Bethide from my tongue hanging out, I’m actually a pretty normal cat, loving to play, chathe toyth and loving chin thratcheth.

Pleath come and adopt from me from Thydney Thelter!

View my profile and more phototh here:

The great news is that it mad an uproar and several days later, Jaws found her forever home. Everyone is thrilled she has finally found a place of her own. But, as one commenter on the RSPCA Facebook page noted, “Please remember all the other cats that need adopting from shelters and pounds and rescues too. ?they deserve a second chance at life too,” which is also one of the very first things stated on the RSPCA adoption page.  The single most important thing that anyone looking for a companion animal can do is to visit their local shelter and rescue where lots of wonderful animals are waiting for their forever homes.


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