Kitty Saves Her Petdad From Fire

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B.C. Minich credits his cat Kitty with saving his life when their Baxter County, AR house caught on fire as he slept.


In another instance of a cat forcefully waking their person to alert them to danger, Kitty jumped on B.C. Minich’s head Sunday night as their kitchen filled with smoke and flames.

With the bedroom just steps away from the fire, B.C. says Kitty saved his life when she woke him. B.C. got up and grabbed his fire extinguisher but had to call the Mountain Home fire department to successfully put the fire out. The fire may have started when a breadboard left on the stove caught fire after a knob on the normally unused side was accidentally turned on.

Despite the thick smoke that filled their home, Mr. Minich and Kitty were unharmed.




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