Kitty is rescued after 3 days trapped in narrow 25 foot deep vent

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A desperate cat was rescued after 3 days spent trapped in a deep, narrow space without food or water during California’s recent heat wave.

LA County’s Animal Services’ specialized small animal rescue team, SMART, received a call for a cat or kitten stuck in a vent somewhere in an apartment complex in the Los Angeles, California area. An officer from the West Valley Animal Shelter first responded and could hear the faint meows but could not locate the cat.

SMART arrived and also could hear the faint meows but no kitty. After assessing the vent, a trip to the three story complex would shed some light.

After removing a vent cover, the kitty was spotted… 25 feet down an extremely narrow space measuring 6″ by 6. It was determined impossible to attempt to cut an opening due to lack of space so SMART resorted to their Flex Pole to attempt the rescue.

12, 2 foot sections of PVC with a cable attached were joined and lowered into the vent. The kitty, which seemed very desperate to get out, became frightened and moved below the vent area.

Time and patience would eventually prevail. The kitty was “fished out” and finally free… after 3 days spent closely trapped in the heat with no food or water!

The kitty was taken to LA County’s East Valley Animal Shelter and will be transferred to the West Valley Animal Shelter today. His ID number is A1513062. If now one claims ownership, he will be up for adoption in 4 days.

Special thanks to the Edgar the Security Officer on site that assisted with the rescue.

Watch kitty’s rescue and see him in better circumstances getting checked out afterward:

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