Kitty Hitches a Ride

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A UK kitty nicknamed Scotty survived a 30 mile journey under the hood of a car.

The driver of the car discovered Scotty after traveling from Nottingham to Chesterfield. Scotty had burns on his paws but was in otherwise good condition. The RSPCA of Derbyshire is trying to locate his owner. “Sadly, because Scotty was not micro-chipped, we have no way of finding his owners. He really is a sweet, friendly cat and we just hope that there is someone out there who may know who his owner is.” said RSPCA manager Richard Woodwards.

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  1. I’m cuddling, right now, with a cat who became a member of my family when he was a kitten by doing this. My daughter, who rescued him 8 years ago, said he was paralyzed with fear the whole day, until she brought him home. He is one very special cat.

  2. and here’s a tip: when the weather is cold, tap your horn before starting your vehicle, just in case there is a kitty trying to warm his rump under the hood!

  3. When we were in the process of moving one year; I had a cat that was so laid back. A friend had loaded some of our furniture in the back of his pick-up. It wasnt until 4 miles into town..that someone motioned the friend that they had a cat (my cat) sleeping on the sofa..just shooting the breeze! LOL

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