Kitty Family Survives Polar Vortex and Finds Forever Sanctuary

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On January 30, 2014, two little kittens in terrible condition were brought to Caroline’s Kids Cat Rescue in Concord Township, Ohio. The woman who had rescued them had phoned a week earlier about the kittens after finding them under her mother’s shed behind the house.

It took a week to actually get them to Caroline’s Kids and by the time they arrived, Romeo and Juliette had very little fur remaining as a result of a flea infestation which had left their little bodies just a mass of scabs! The worst part was that Romeo’s testicles were also frostbitten and frozen.

These two little kittens had survived the infamous Polar Vortex that had hit the region in spite of not having a coat to keep them warm! The vet said that Romeo must have hunched over to keep warm, which is how his little bottom got frozen.

Then, to the staff’s horror, the woman said that there were two more cats in even worse condition under the shed! What could be worse?!

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They sent the woman back to immediately bring the next two kittens. She ended up bringing them on February 1st, reuniting the entire “family.” The mom, Lady Capulet, was among the new arrivals, as well as another daughter, Rosaline.

They were definitely in even worse shape with even less hair and more scabs. Lady Capulet and Rosaline still cuddle together in their cage, with their arms wrapped around each other in a precious loving pose.

Fortunately, they are all recuperating bit by bit with the loving care given by the volunteers at Caroline’s Kids. Romeo came down with a virus but he is recovering.

They have all been spayed and neutered and no longer have to worry about food, a warm bed and loving contact. They are not feral and love to play, loving attention and tummy rubs.

Theirs must have been a case of neglect that led to immense suffering for all of them. It is a true miracle that they survived the brutal subzero temperatures in January and now will have a forever home at Caroline’s Kids.

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Lady Capulet

Lady Capulet did an outstanding job caring for her little ones and keeping them all safe and warm. It is to her credit that they survived.

Thankfully, they will never again have to worry about having a warm place to call home.


Caroline’s Kids Cat Rescue is a no-kill forever home near Cleveland, Ohio (Concord Township) for older and special needs cats and strays, whether they have medical emergencies, are feral or test positive for FIV or Feline Leukemia.  It is also a retirement home for those whose guardians have made provisions for them in the Love for Life program.

They work to give adoptable cats permanent, loving homes and to provide lifelong care in a cageless sanctuary for old and special needs cats. They also promote the precious value of each feline life, regardless of age, illness or handicaps.

Update: We are sad to hear that Romeo has recently lost his battle with an infection despite all of the efforts of the rescue workers. Everyone is now working hard to make sure the rest of this sweet family recuperates and lives healthy lives.

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