Kitty Cat Olympics 2012 – Furball Fables

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May The Olympics Games Begin! Every 4 years Cathletes from nations world wide compete in a test of strength and prowless in the Kitty Cat Olympics! The Furball kitties are taking part in the games for the US team. The pressure is on for these American mewcomers, they are cute, but can they win the gold? How pawsome can they be? Think pawsitive as they furociously compete! Dreams can come true! Winners believe in greatness! Let them roar!

Highlights including Wrestling, Ninja Staker, Cat-A-Pole, Boxing, Ping Pong, Mouser, Swimming, Pom Pom Hockey and Pouncing.

The Furball Fable Cats are – Merlin, Fairy, Elfin, Buddha and Yogi.



Furball Fables Youtube



Furball Pet Friends

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