Kitty and the new crib

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“Pretty sure our cat thinks the crib we put together was for him.”

So says Reddit user Maxb176  in the caption to his great pic, seen above.

Maxb176 and his wife have two cats and are expecting a baby very soon.  While kitty thinks the newly assembled crib is just the ticket, he will have cede possession when they baby arrives.

The couple have hit on a solution; kitty will get a new bed, too.

The post has generated a lot of commentary and discussion. A few of Maxb176’s comments  tell us more:

For one thing, he notes: “Maine Coons definitely know how to relax.”

Telling more about kitty, he says: “My wife’s had several cats (he’s my first) and she says none of them have been like him. Really special, almost like there’s a little person in there. I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night (due to tail brushing/slapping on my face) and he’s on my wife’s pillow with his little paw on her shoulder.”

“This particular cat lays like this all the time. We have one other younger kitty who rolls around but never stays on her back. These are the only two cats I’ve ever had but I do know that exposing their belly means they feel really safe.”

The solution: “My wife’s dad is gonna make him a kitty bed!”

Below is another view of the very comfortable kitty. Below that, kitty has switched to a new napping spot, about an hour later.

See the original at Imgur


See the original at Imgur.

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