Kittens to Help Maine Residents Cope with Stressful Election

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Image source: London Looks via Flickr
Image source: London Looks via Flickr

If you’ve tuned into any of the coverage surrounding the presidential election, then you’re probably feeling a little stressed. In fact, the whole country seems to be feeling stressed about the upcoming election.

But kittens are hoping to change all of that for Portland, Maine residents. Next week a presidential debate watch party will be held on Congress Street, and some of its attendees will have four legs and a tail. Nine therapy kittens from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland will actually be in attendance to help residents cope with their stress.

The kittens will be kept in a separate room, and attendees will be rotated in and out of the room so they can spend some time with the kittens.

If you have a cat, then you already know that there’s nothing better than cuddling a purring kitten to help relieve some stress and help you momentarily forget about the troubles of the world. In the midst of this election chaos, be sure to spend some extra time with your cat. Or head out to Portland, Maine to cuddle some kittens.

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