Kittens Search for Owner After Fatal Fire

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(Picture: Lifeline Animal Project/ LoveMeow)

Tabby kittens Monty and Libby were the only survivors of a devastating fire that killed six people who shared a home on Andrews Street in Atlanta. Alert neighbors noticed the kittens frantically going in and out of the burned out house as if searching for their owner, Ernest Eberhardt, and called LifeLine Animal Project of Atlanta, according a recent report by Fox News. The animal rescue team showed up and found the forlorn kittens huddled on a charred mattress.

(Picture: Fox Five Atlanta)

A LifeLine Animal Project cat trapper and  an animal control officer were able to catch the kittens, named Monty and Libby, according to Fox News. The pair are now available for adoption at LifeLine’s shelter. Eberhardt was known as a good samaritan who often helped people in need, “and [the kittens] obviously were missing him very much,” Karen Hirsch of LifeLine told Love Meow.

(Picture: LilfeLine Animal Project/LoveMeow)

One neighbor, Janet Ragland, said Eberhardt would let people stay at his house if they had nowhere to go. “He gave them food,” Ragland said. “He helped the homeless out, he took people places,” she told NBC News. Firefighters say the victims died of smoke inhalation.

“During the fire, a firefighter witnessed one of the kittens actually run back into the burning house as if she were searching for someone,” said Hirsch. “Miraculously, that kitten survived.” Monty, who is featured in photos taken by LifeLine, is the more outgoing of the two kittens, said Hirsch. The brother and sister are very attached, and need to be adopted together. The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. Neighbors plan to hold a candlelight vigil in honor of the victims.

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