Kitten’s loud cries for help lead to rescue

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A trapped kitten making a lot of noise got a lot of attention from police and firefighters Monday and was rescued after an hour-long effort.

Roswell, New Mexico police officers and firefighters, with help from the Water Department, came to the aid of a highly distressed kitten trapped in a storm drain beneath a heavy grate early Monday morning.

The rescue was caught on video and includes the loud and distressed cries, heard coming from below ground, that brought the kitten’s predicament to the attention of a neighborhood resident who called the police.

It was still dark when the rescuers arrived on the scene and began work lifting the grate. Officer Ricardo Oliveras donned a respirator mask and went down into the drain to make the rescue and bring kitty safely back above ground.

The kitten found a home with the woman who called for help. While wrapped in a blanket in the woman’s arms following the rescue, kitty kept meowing but seemed happy to be held and did not try to wriggle away.

The one downside to the rescue occurred later when a neighbor asked for commentary complained to a news crew about other neighbors feeding stray cats.

KRQE posted this video report on the story:


The Roswell Daily Record uploaded a 2 minute video from the scene of the rescue:

Kitten rescued from sewer/storm drain in southwest RoswellRaw video: Police, water department rescue kitten from storm drain as fire department assists:

Posted by Roswell Daily Record on Monday, August 3, 2015

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