Kittens In Crates Left Outside Shelter

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(Channel 4 NBC)

They were left in cardboard boxes and plastic crates with holes cut into them. Twenty-two kittens and six cats were abandoned in bad weather in front of a Maryland animal shelter over the weekend, according to NBC News.

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(Channel 4 NBC)

They arrived in two installments.  Nineteen cats in crates were left outside the Greenbelt Animal Shelter in the rain Friday evening,  Animal Control Officer Howard Stanback told NBC. Nine more  were left in boxes in the heat Saturday. “Luckily none of the animals was injured, but it could have been a really tragic situation,” said George Mathews of Greenbelt Police.

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(Channel 4 NBC)

The felines included 22 kittens, some just days old and still nursing, said Stanback, who discovered the cats.
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“My heart dropped,” he told NBC. “I was terrified. I didn’t know how long they had been out there. It was raining Friday evening. I didn’t know the conditions of them. I didn’t know how many of them.”

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All the cats had fleas, but were otherwise healthy. The shelter is no-kill, and will be working overtime to get the cats spayed, neutered and ready for adoption. “We don’t euthanize for space at all,” Stanback said. “We make every effort to adopt out an animal with the City of Greenbelt Animal Shelter.” Most should be available for adoption next week.

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