Kittens “Do” Taylor Swift for Attention

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TS Luna does it old-school Taylor-style
Luna, one of seven kittens seeking a forever home, does it old-school Taylor Swift-style hoping to get someone’s attention. (All photos: Jessica Thompson)

When veterinarian Jessica Thompson decided to draw attention to some of the adorable kittens up for adoption, she decided to pay tribute to musician Taylor Swift, one of her favorite musicians.  It was a way for her to not only bring attention to her fosters, but a way to manage her grief over having recently put down her beloved cat of fifteen years.

TS Jelly as Zombie Out of the Woods
Little Jelly pulls off her best Out of the Woods zombie.


TS Dobby is rocking the Reputation jacket from the Look What You Made Me Do video
Dobby knows how to make this outfit rock just like Taylor.

Her clever ploy is working well across multiple social media platforms, the hope that soon each and every kitten will have a forever home.

TS Junior Jewels sparkleon Chili
Chili sparkles in this nod to Junior Jewels.


TS Gabanzo as
Gabanzo looks Sassy channeling Taylor’s snake look.

Thompson is a huge advocate of fostering, having had started at the age of 19.  In fact, this past year saw her taking care of 27 kittens and 3 dogs.  She told the Oregonian, “Nothing helps me get through the adoption process more than knowing that these pets will have a wonderful life. As a veterinarian, it’s seeing the pets year after year, knowing I have made a difference not only in their life but in the family as a whole.”

TS Ballerina Pinto recalling Shake it Off.
Pinto dazzles as a ballerina from the Shake it Off video.

Follow Thompson’s fostering adventures at wahinepunk on Instagram.

TS Fava appearing in gown worn 2009 MTV Awards
And accepting the 2009 MTV award on behalf of Taylor Swift…Fava!


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