Kittens and Cats Treated Like Trash and Dumped

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They were treated like trash and left in garbage can. And the shelter workers who found the abandoned kittens and cats are outraged. The seven felines were left outside the shelter in the dark and discovered in the morning.

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“This is not ok,” said Margo Ludwig, assistant manger of the Humane Society of Monroe County. “These animals are traumatized now. They’re scared. They don’t know what’s going on,” she told a reporter for WXYZ in Detroit.

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The five kittens and two cats were covered in their own urine. The kittens appear to be feral,  but the Humane Society believes they can be rehabilitated and adopted. As for the cats, they are trying to find a barn program for them.

Wendy Graber,  the director of operations, told WXYZ that the shelter is at capacity, but they will do always their best to help people and their animals. “We’ll figure out a way. Don’t leave them outside. There’s never a reason to leave them like that. Ever.”

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