Kitten with Ear Tips Cut Off Recovers, Reward Offered

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Please note: The Fox40 news broadcast on Van’s story found part way down the page starts on its own, and continues after the story is ended. You may wish to use the pause button so the video does not play until and unless you want it to.


A young kitten found hurt and traumatized in Roseville, CA on July 9 is doing well in foster care, as the SPCA offers a reward to find the person who cut off his ear tips and burned his whiskers.

The kitten, affectionately called Van in a nod to the artist Van Gogh, was found in the bushes near Vernon Street and Inglis Way by a Good Samaritan who rushed him to the Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital, after seeing that he was injured.

The tips of Van’s ears had been cut off and glue was put on the cuts. his whiskers appeared to have been burned, too. The kitten was traumatized and needed gentle care and hand feeding to help him get over the shock and recover.

Van was given over to the Placer SPCA, which has him in foster care and is offering a $1,000 reward for information on the person who mutilated him.

The SPCA issued the following news release, which tells the story and expresses the strong feelings held by SPCA staff and Chief executive Officer Leilani Fratis about what was done to Van.

Roseville, CA: The Placer SPCA wants to see the person(s) arrested, responsible for the mutilation of a kitten found on July 9 in the bushes along Vernon Street, near Inglis (major cross street Cirby) in Roseville.

The mutilated kitten was found by a Good Samaritan in the bushes along Vernon Street according to the Roseville Animal Control report. The report also indicates the kitten was immediately rushed to Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital where veterinarians described the injuries as each ear being chopped off and glued on the tips to stop the bleeding. The whiskers also appeared to be burned off.

The kitten was transferred to the Placer SPCA and is now under the medical care of PSPCA Director of Veterinary Services, Dr. Barb Jones. Dr. Jones believes the kitten may still be in shock after such a trauma and currently requires hand feeding and careful monitoring. Dr. Jones is cautiously optimistic about his recovery and has updated his prognosis from guarded to potentially good.

The staff and volunteers are horrified that such harm could be inflicted upon a tiny kitten in our community. “The person(s) responsible for this need to be found, in my opinion they are dangerous not only to animals but potentially to people” states PSPCA’s Chief Executive Officer Leilani Fratis.

“We know there is a direct correlation between animal abuse and the propensity for violence toward people. We are offering a $1000 reward leading to the arrest of the individual(s) responsible and urge people with any information to contact Crime Stopper’s at 916-783-7867 or you can submit a crime tip online by visiting the Roseville Police Department’s website at and selecting “Submit a Tip” from the menu on the left; or you can text a tip to 274637 (“Crimes”) and start the tip with the word “Roseville”.”

Video from the SPCA, with Van looking good and roaming around like any other kitten, just days after his rescue. “Van, as he’s affectionately been named, is recovering in his foster home. Check out this video to see this little man explore.”






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