Kitten who lost paws to frostbite finds a home

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Denver Dumb Friends League photo


A kitten who lost his front paws to frostbite has found the perfect home, with a little girl who shares a special bond with him.

Kai and his sister Gerda were brought to the Denver Dumb Friends League‘s Buddy Center in Castle Rock, Colorado on Sept. 29 in the early morning by a caring citizen who had found a litter of five helpless, orphaned kittens in some bushes. They were suffering from hypothermia. Sadly, three of the kittens did not survive. But, with the help of the DDFL medical team, Kai and Gerda miraculously did. Both kittens spent two months in a foster home being bottle fed and nursed back to health. The organization says it is blessed to have foster parents who are able to take care of their area’s most vulnerable pets.

The newborn kittens, who are thought to have been born to a feral mother, suffered frostbite that took both of Kai’s front paws, and part of Gerda’s tail, ear and several toes. After recovering in a foster home for two months, both kittens were doing great and ready for their forever homes by the first week of December.

Lora Conklin and her family saw Kai when he was featured on the news, and her 10 year old daughter Miah was immediately drawn to the kitten.

“Oh mommy, they are just like me!” Miah said when she saw the Kai and his sister on TV.

Miah, has a rare genetic disorder that makes her body unable to control her its temperature. Her mother says there have been many surgeries and other efforts to help her little girl with the condition.

The family adopted Kai the next day and renamed him Mr. Darcy.

“As you can see, his paws do not hinder him,” Lora Conklin told a reporter doing a story on Kai’s special adoption.

“He’s very sweet,” Miah said.

“She said we needed to bring them home because they were just like her,” Lora said.

“She’s gone through so many surgeries and so many different things in her life that she can relate to him.”

Miah and Mr. Darcy have been inseparable since the kitten joined his new family

“He was the best Christmas present yet,” Miah said.

For more on Kai and his sister Gerda, see our post from December 3, Kittens found frozen at 5 days old are ready for adoption.

While we have not seen an announcement for Gerda’s adoption, it appears her adoption listing has been removed.

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