Kitten vs Baby: Friends at Play

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Otherwise, this video of two babies playing could be called Kitten vs A Not At All Scary Thing.  These two make wonderful playmates and, though kitty pounces and attacks, she is careful not to scratch.

8 thoughts on “Kitten vs Baby: Friends at Play”

  1. My husband’s little red cat doesn’t use claws when he plays with people, only when playing with our older resident cat – who is the one who taught him to use claws for cat play! Sigh. Yes, always keep an eye on babies and young children for the safety of both child and cat. These two are just too cute.

  2. Very cute. When kids and kittens bond it is so cute. My brother and our kitten grew up together and before my brother went to school my Mom said that they were always together. When my brother went to school our cat would wait for him and look for him to come home.

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