Kitten Takes 6 Hour Ride on Car Gas Tank and Begins a New Life

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A kitten hitched a ride from Connecticut to Rochester, New York with a family taking their son to school at RIT on Saturday. The kitten is being cared for at Lollypop Farm, The Humane Society of Greater Rochester.

The CT couple heard meows before leaving home but thought they were coming from someplace outside. They heard what sounded like purring when they stopped for gas, along with what sounded like little footsteps. When they reached Henrietta, NY, just below Rochester, the family pulled into Smitty’s Transmissions looking for help, as the shop was trying to close up for the day.

Smitty’s employees put the car up on the lift, removed the undercarriage covering, and found the kitten in a little alcove above the gas tank. She had made the six hour trip unscathed. In a lucky coincidence, employee Chuck Everett’s wife volunteers with Lollypop Farm and fosters kittens for them. Chuck brought “Connecticut” the kitten home so Barbara could get her help. Connecticut is staying at Lollypop Farm, recovering from her ordeal. Once she puts on more weight she will get her spay surgery and be made available for adoption. Foster care coordinator Karin Forte says the kitty is about 6 weeks old and is in good health, despite a flea infestation and conjunctivitis in one eye. Karin believes Connecticut was feral. The kitten is somewhat shy but lets visitors hold and pet her.
Lollypop Farm has already received a number of calls from people interested in adopting Connecticut.

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