Kitten survives week in car engine and finds a home

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Gail Dunn and Lucky. Photo via Express and Star


A fluffy little calico kitten was miraculously unscathed when she was rescued after a week in  car engine. Better still, she found a home with the car’s owner and his wife.

Michael Dunn, from Lower Gornal in the West Midlands region of the UK, drove around 150 miles over the course of the week with the seven-week-old kitten under the hood.

Michael says a cat and her kittens ran out in front of him one day recently but had vanished when he stopped to check on them. He ended up at the service garage later with concerns that one of the animals was stuck in the car. He told BBC news the mechanics brushed away his concerns and jokingly suggested he’d taken too much of his medications.

Michael did his best to check the engine but didn’t find the kitten or kittens he thought might be there. He was plagued while driving and when in bed night, though, thinking he could hear a kitten’s cries, so he set out to do another thorough check.

When he popped the hood of the Mazda MX-5 open Wednesday, there was the kitten, in plain view. She got spooked and dove into the engine, so he got a mechanic friend to search for her. She was found sitting on the heat shield of the catalytic converter.

Vets and the RSPCA checked her out and gave her  clean bill of health. Her only injury was a small burn under one eye. Other than that, she was filthy but okay.

Kitty has been named Lucky and has been adopted by Michael Dunn and his wife Gail.

Michael told the Express and Star:  “She had been living above the gear box so no-one could get to [her]. I phoned a friend who is a mechanic, he jacked the car up and we found her right on top of the gear box.”

You can watch a BBC News video report on the story HERE.

Lucky. Photo via Express and Star

Lucky, Photo via BBC News.

Photo via BBC News.

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