Kitten Survives 200-Mile Trip Beneath Car Hood

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A kitten has survived an incredible journey, spending more than two days underneath a car hood while the vehicle traveled more than 200 miles. The kitten was quiet for most of the trip, but once the car was parked in Minneapolis, she started meowing and even woke the neighbors up.

The owner of the car parked it and flew to Alaska, but the kitten alerted the neighbors to her situation. Neighbors tried to coax the kitten out of the car using tuna as a tempting treat, but the kitten refused to come out. The neighbors spent four or five hours working at tempting the kitten out, but had no success.

The next day, neighbors opened the car’s hood and removed part of the engine, freeing the cat. Mike Nash, one of the neighbors involved in the rescue, decided to keep the kitten, giving this story a happy ending for everyone involved.

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