Kitten Stolen From Shelter Needs Medication

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This past Monday, a kitten was stolen from his cage at the Salem Friends of Felines. Not only is this illegal, but there’s serious concern for the kitten’s well-being. The kitten was missing one back foot and also had an upper respiratory infection. The infection was being treated with medication.

The Salem Friends of Felines have filed a theft report with the police department, and now the search is on to find the stolen kitten. A $300 reward has been offered for the kitten’s return, and shelter staff are hopeful that someone will recognize the kitten’s unusual back paw.

The kitten, also known as Forrest Gump, had been left outside the shelter in a box with its mother and three siblings. He had been pre-adopted, and his adoptive family was waiting until he was off of the medications to take him home.

While the shelter staff are unsure of exactly who took the kitten, they suspect that a group of teens hanging out by the cages at the time may have more information on the kitten’s disappearance. The shelter will not ask questions and only want the kitten’s safe return so that he may continue his treatment and get better. An anonymous donor has offered the $300 reward in hopes that the kitten may be found.

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