Kitten Sitter Volunteers Needed in Atlanta

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Image source: Jennifer C. via
Image source: Jennifer C. via

Do you love cuddling kittens? If you live near Atlanta, then the perfect volunteer opportunity may just have opened up for you.

Lifeline’s DeKalb County Animal Services just released a new initiative this month called Kitten Sittin’. Through the Kitten Sittin’ initiative, volunteers are wanted to nurse and cuddle the kittens currently living in the kitten nursery. Each spring brings about many kittens who come into the shelter without mothers. Those kittens need special care and must be bottle fed in order to survive, all of which takes time and volunteer manpower. While the shelter prefers to send kittens home with fosters, sometimes there are too many kittens to make that an option.

And so, the shelter has released a call for volunteer kitten sitters. Volunteers will receive a short orientation, and will then be able to help the shelter staff with bottle feeding the kittens. Young kittens need to be bottle fed every two hours around the clock, so volunteers are in high demand.

If you don’t live near Atlanta, you can still help out. DeKalb County Animal Services needs donations of items like heat lamps and kitten formula. You can also contact your local shelter to see how you can help them to cope with the upcoming kitten season.

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