Kitten Saved by NCDOT Crew When Tossed From Vehicle Off Bridge

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“We saw something fly over the bridge, wasn’t sure what it was at first, maybe a piece of trash or something, and a couple minutes later, we saw whatever it was swimming, trying to swim, barely moving, so we unhooked the boat, drove over there and sure enough, it was a baby kitten, barely still kicking,” Reece Newman, a North Caroline Department of Transportation inspector told WITN.

The crew were the only people around, working underneath the Old Manns Harbor Bridge when a car drove along the bridge and, without stopping, tossed the little kitten out of the window and into the water below.  Three men rescued the kitten and took him to the vet where he was, surprisingly, pronounced okay.

The good news? Reece has adopted the kitten, naming him Bridger Catfish and the two are happily getting along.

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