Kitten Rescued Hours Before Euthanasia Seeks Help and Home

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Linus betterJust hours before he was scheduled to be euthanized at a municipal shelter, Linus, a seven month old kitten, was rescued by Furrever Friends Rescue and Volunteers, an all-volunteer no-kill cat rescue in South Jersey.

Though Linus’s warm personality and friendly demeanor could charm even the coldest of hearts, it was his medical condition that landed him on the euthanasia list. Linus had been unable to move his bowels on his own since he entered the shelter as a stray in April!

The shelter staff had given him several enemas over the course of his stay, but were unable to determine the cause of his condition. Because the shelter lacked the resources to diagnose and effectively treat his condition, Linus’s fate was sealed.

Or so it seemed, until a local rescuer contacted Furrever Friends for help and the group sprang into action, contacting the shelter to arrange the “pull.” They set up an appointment with the group’s veterinarian, where Linus underwent further treatment, x-rays, a physical examination and several days of observation. Through all of this, Linus purred, snuggled and demanded attention. It was clear he wasn’t ready to give up!

Linus was then discharged to his foster home, where he spent the first few days exploring, snuggling with his foster parents and purring up a storm. Although his condition was being managed by diet and medication, a few days later, Linus developed a runny nose, became lethargic and stopped eating.

His foster parents brought him back to the animal hospital, where it was determined that not only did he have an upper respiratory infection, but he was unable to move his bowels again.

Thankfully, he is currently receiving treatment for both issues and will have to see a specialist once he is discharged, to determine if he will need surgery for his bowel issues. Even if he does not need surgery immediately, his medical issues necessitate ongoing veterinary care to ensure that he continues to thrive and stays healthy.

Because Furrever Friends does not receive any funding from the state or county, the group relies on fundraisers and generous donors to help Linus, and other cats like him, get the urgent medical attention they need.

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